Ground Floor Up

Ground Floor Up

What an amazing journey we have had in the past 10 years. We raised over 280 special children and currently providing services to 45 young kids even during the corona virus pandemic. We are grateful to our dedicated teachers and therapists who have grown with us. We would not have been able to grow without the commitment and relentless support from our volunteers and donors. We are so happy to announce that the ground floor structure of our new school building is up. Now with interior work, the ground floor of our very own school building will be complete.

The construction of 6 rooms of ground floor is on-going even during lock down at Special School Disabled and Rehab Center (SSDRC). We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the start team for this support and cooperation.
Till now, social organization, Mission restore Nepal,USA, New Australia Team, NCAA-UK and parents and other helpful donations from Nepal and abroad have helped us achieve this dream. I would like to inform that 30 % of the project budget has been supported and committed till date. We are continuously fundraising the remaining 70% of the project budget. The estimated budget is of 5 Crore (USD 420,000) for Special School Block and Prarambha Autism Research Center.

To all the supporters in Nepal and abroad, well wishers, media, and the advice of SSDRC members, parents, staffs, friends, working committee, Nepal Government and the friends of our autism school, we express our heartfelt thanks.
In the coming days, I hope there will be such continuous support for children and teenager from here in the coming days. Thank you. ।

Sabita Uprety, Founder

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