I am a Champion!

I am a Champion!
Story of Aadesh Kafle, 15

When I joined SSDRC seven years ago I had never been to school before. I was diagnosed with autism when I was a small boy and my parents didn’t know what to do with me, until they heard about SSDRC from one of our neighbors. Back then, I was very different. My family found me hard to control. My favorite things were to grab mobile phones off the table and throw them on the floor. I constantly flapped my right hand up and down and would make groaning noises to myself. I barely spoke and only knew a few Nepali words. Nobody could keep me in one place for more than a minute or two.

All that changed when I joined SSDRC. It turns out what I needed was a structured day and a stable environment. During my first year at the school I found it very tough to deal with the other children. I hated playing and socializing with anyone. But overtime I began to enjoy playing and interacting with my classmates.

My academic performance increased too, and after two years I had learnt to write the alphabet and many basic words, and after three years I had progressed from the bottom class, D, to the top, A.

The proudest day of my life was when, after showing such fast progress, my teachers selected me to represent SSDRC at the International Conference on Developmental Disability, hosted in Melbourne, Australia, in August 2016. So I got the chance to go to Australia and did success story presentation in international forum which my family never expected due to my disability. My family was so happy from my success and improvement.

Two year ago, I was made Class Captain, and given responsibilities to look after the younger children – helping them tie their shoelaces, eating, cleaning dishes and taking them to the toilet. I’m so proud to be able to give something back to the school which has helped me so much, and it is my dream one day to work at SSDRC as a teaching assistant.

I also got chance to participate in Special Olympics world game in Abu Dhabi, UAE and  won Silver medal in foot ball  in March 2019.

Now I am studying in mainstream school in Bhaktapur in grade seven and having top ten result in class which made me proud and encouraged.

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