Help us Build Prarambha Autism School


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Help us Build Prarambha Autism School

SSDRC has been rendering support to the person with ASD of Nepal for the last ten years through meaningful charitable programs and activities focusing on education, enhancing living conditions and rehabilitation. The vision of SSDRC is to continue to ensure equality in every sectors of development so that every Child with ASD will have access to education, employment, political right and socialization.

The major strength of SSDRC is that it has well qualified and experienced staffs and has a well set up special school and rehabilitation center.

The concept of the project is ‘Access to Rehabilitation Services for People with ASD’. The project goal is to make the Person with ASD economically sustained, socially acceptable and be physically mobile through the means of providing scholarship throughout the country, vocational training, capacity building training to the staffs, The targeted beneficiaries of this project are the poor Person with ASD who live in the rural, slum and poor economic status.

The implementation plan for the project is to build its own school building so that so many children with ASD can enroll in schools that are in waiting list.

SSDRC has a managing committee comprising of seven members representing parents and an inclusive structure. These members have a long experience in disability sector.

The major constraints to implement the project are lack of fund, lack of space and lack of sufficient manpower.

SSDRC is in the rented house bearing huge house rent. So we had bought land in Bhaktapur Tatali (11Kilometer far from recent area) last year (2017 July) but we couldn’t construct school building as lack of fund. This proposal seeks support to construction own school building for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) to study and receive rehabilitation treatments in Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Centre (SSDRC).

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